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Caught Telling a Whopper?

I’d like to share something I found of a slightly more serious note in this post – don’t worry, I do have funny stuff coming involving dogs.

Taking a step away from watching videos of cats stuffing their friends in boxes (yeah, have a look but do come back, please) I was thumbing through news on a subject close to my heart – conservation. I’m not about to start banging on Al Gore style, I think the decline of the planet is down to many, many things as well as us.

However, what annoys me is how many people – including the aforementioned VP (seriously, why wasn’t he this vocal an advocate for change when he had real power?) – jump on the bandwagon. You, know, the “oh the ice caps are melting at such an alarming rate… look how enviro-concious we are” bandwagon. This week, the famed Times Atlas, selling for just £150 ($237) tried to do just that, highlighting in their latest “most authoritative” atlas and the publicitiy speil around its release, that they’ve had to make oh so many revisions since the 2007 edition as a result of environmental change.

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