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Best Commentary Ever?

This is all over the glorious internet right now. When I first heard it I thought it was a spoof but it’s just too good. Arnie clearly has a new role now, explaining the otherwise too-hard-to-understand plot lines of his films. Some stunning insights in this commentary:


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Get drunk, go swimming with monkeys….

It seems like the smartest idea in the world, after all there’s clearly no reason for that barricade and river; get a bit of alcohol in you and go for a swim over to monkey island. Let’s face it, all monkeys are essentially cute, loveable animals that want nothing more than to be hugged by a man who’s drunk his own bodyweight in beer, right? Right?

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More Mashup Madness

It’s Monday. I hate Monday’s. I know I’m not alone in that.

Accordingly I needed something fun so I thought I’d share the first ‘mashup’ I heard and it’s still one that makes me chuckle.

Whoever came up with this one deserves a medal.

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Canine Craziness

I’m a cat owner. A tabby lump of continually shedding fluff that leaves a trail of debris in it’s feline path. Accordingly I find dogs a lot more amusing.

Whether it’s their sheer laid back attitude or ability to pull of crazy or derp faces without trying – or both if they’re sneezing – stumbling through posts of dog related amusement never fails to raise a chuckle.

Recently I found this site – Animals Being Dicks. I spent a lot of time there, of course. It’s still the dog ones that make me chuckle (especially this one). Let’s face it, most of the amusement from cats comes because they’re actively doing something – whether it’s plotting, attacking, seeking claw-filled revenge…. whereas with dogs it’s usually because they’re not aware of anything…

I do think they’re missing one though and I feel bad for admitting this but it’s still amongst my favourite videos. All 3 seconds of it. Just make sure you have the sound on…

I know: it’s wrong and I’m wrong for enjoying it so much.

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Caught Telling a Whopper?

I’d like to share something I found of a slightly more serious note in this post – don’t worry, I do have funny stuff coming involving dogs.

Taking a step away from watching videos of cats stuffing their friends in boxes (yeah, have a look but do come back, please) I was thumbing through news on a subject close to my heart – conservation. I’m not about to start banging on Al Gore style, I think the decline of the planet is down to many, many things as well as us.

However, what annoys me is how many people – including the aforementioned VP (seriously, why wasn’t he this vocal an advocate for change when he had real power?) – jump on the bandwagon. You, know, the “oh the ice caps are melting at such an alarming rate… look how enviro-concious we are” bandwagon. This week, the famed Times Atlas, selling for just £150 ($237) tried to do just that, highlighting in their latest “most authoritative” atlas and the publicitiy speil around its release, that they’ve had to make oh so many revisions since the 2007 edition as a result of environmental change.

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Mashup Madness

I love a good mashup. They can be very much a hit or miss thing really but this contains one song I love, one song I hate and actually works (I hate to admit it) pretty well:



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