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My What A Lovely Use of Photoshop

I guess it’s all about being there. Or making at least making it look like you were. The Jackson Sun website must be getting a lot of traffic at the moment, though I doubt their story about planting trees on Chester Co. farm is racking up the hits for the reasons intended – more to do with this appalling use of photoshop that rivals even the worst efforts of those forever alone bodies shopping themselves attached to some nubile young babe. The full, otherwise fascinating article is here –

The amazing photoshop is here:terrible photoshop



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Blelargle Urgle or Ruuuuuuuuun

I can’t decide. Mainly because it makes me laugh so hard I shoot coffee from my nose.

funny dog

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Back and What THE HELL IS THAT?

Oh, yeah. I see. Nothing to get excited about….


double take pictures

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Bad Celeb Cover Ups

Ok, this is a widely covered subject, I know. However, it’s one that makes me chuckle and wince in equal measure. It’s the terrible cover ups certain celebrities go to to cover up the fact that they’ve got a chrome dome going on.

To be fair, I’m probably only interested because I’m worried about my own hair departing from my head and having to invest in hats. I say that because I know if it goes, it goes. I will not be going down the wig, plug or combover route. It’s not worth it and I’m not made of enough money.

What baffles me is how many celebs are so scared of showing that they too have suffered this most human of conditions, they end up looking so fantastically stupid trying to hide it.

So, having seen an image of Chuck Norris – who knew? – that made me sit up straight, I thought I’d start sharing my favourite / most shocking balding cover ups that are about as subtle as the acting on Baywatch.

Starting with Chuck Norris:

chuck norris wig

chuck norris wig

To be fair, the man is 71 but come on, if it looks like you’ve got a dead cat perched on your head, give it up.

Then there’s Burt Reynolds’ amazing anti-ageing:

burt reynolds wig

I can’t look at this picture for too long. I really can’t. Actually, the bald cover isn’t the most disturbing thing here it’s all pretty terrifying. He looks like a sneeze would break his face.

As for disturbing, how’s this for a miracle regrowth?

steven seagal baldsteven seagal weave

If you’re gonna do it, do it subtly. I mean… I don’t know what he’s got weaved into his head but it looks more like doll or even dog hair than it does human, real or even convincing. Does he really look in the mirror and think this looks good? That people will think his hair receded, fell out and then grew back like a thick, lustrous Labrador coat? Perhaps it’s that famous Buddhist calm that tells him it’s ok to look like someone left their doormat on your forehead.

Of course, there are some incredibley famous and well covered bald celebs with desperate attempts to cover their dome. I’m not going to delve into the comedy gold that is John Travolta. However, of those the one that actually makes me quite sad is Nicolas Cage. Is it wrong that I feel kinda sorry for him and his ‘quirky’ hairline?

nicolas cage hair evolution

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Just as wrong in just as many ways

A few days ago I found this disturbing image . Today I found this equally disturbing one. Seriously, get a cat it’s less creepy and you won’t be quite so alone…. forever.

forever alone

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Does George Lucas Have Dogs?

george lucas dogs

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Does it make me a nasty person that nothing makes me chuckle as much as a genuine look of terror at something not all that terrifying?

terrified by


terrified by

To be fair I’m sure I’ve pulled even stupider faces when something makes me jump but nobody has those on film…

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