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Er, on second thoughts I’ll get a new mattress

This is just…. wow. I don’t really have the words.

tempur mattress afterbirth

On the one hand you gotta admire the audacity of trying to sell something so¬†decimated. On the other you really have to wonder who the hell would find that heart shaped afterbirth stains make up that extra spark to their love life. Just… no



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Give Me 60 Seconds, I’ll Give You The Internet

Found this through one of those “this link leads to that link leads to…” sessions on Twitter. So, every 60 seconds on the internet…..

60 seconds on internet

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Twilight’s a pile of…. too

I’ve not seen Twilight. Have no intention of doing so, mainly because I have both taste and a pair of testicles. I have, however, seen those misery-gut actors sulking around everywhere trying to look moody and coming across like a sullen arse rather than ‘brooding’. I also thought there was something weird about this guy, then I found this which summed it up nicely:

taylor lautner llama

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Like One Of The Family….

yeah, I know how pets can begin to feel like family members (even if they are balls of tabby fluff that do nothing but lounge around or attack you) but it goes a bit far when you start using the same hairdresser….

dog with hairstyle

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Word’s Greatest Typo?

It took me a while, I won’t lie but it was worth it…


I’m not sure what I’d do with one but I’m gonne make sure my order is over ¬£10….


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You Know It…


Gotta love a bit of Engrish…




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More Mashup Madness

It’s Monday. I hate Monday’s. I know I’m not alone in that.

Accordingly I needed something fun so I thought I’d share the first ‘mashup’ I heard and it’s still one that makes me chuckle.

Whoever came up with this one deserves a medal.

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